Secret Doodle Hydra attacking a Chest in Pet Simulator X

What is the Strongest Pet in Pet Simulator X?

March 7, 2023

Find out what the strongest pets are in order to progress quickly through the game. Strength is measured in terms of pet power, which is displayed under the pet's icon in your inventory. Pets with higher power do more damage to objects in the game. That means having a team of stronger pets will allow you to farm more coins, unlock areas faster, and clear quests easier.

In addition, Exclusive, Huge, and Titanic pets have their power scaled accordingly to your highest power pet. For example, Huge pets such as the Huge Hell Rock have the Best Friend enchantment, which makes their power always 150% stronger than your best pet. As you get stronger pets, your Exclusive pets will increase in power as well!

Best Pet in Pet Simulator X

The strongest pet in the game currently is the Shiny Dark Matter Doodle Hydra with a power rating of around 82q (82 quintillion). The standard Dark Matter Doodle Hydra only has around 32-33q power, however the Shiny attribute more than doubles the pet's power.

Shiny Secret Doodle Hydra in game screenshot

Top 5 Strongest Pets

Below is a list of the current top 5 pets with the highest power in the game.

q = quintillion
t = trillion
Name Normal Power Golden Power Rainbow Power Dark Matter Power Shiny Dark Matter Power
Doodle Hydra 1.66q 5q 16q 32q 82q
Valentine's Bear 798t 2.4q 5.6q 16q 40q
Doodle Agony 663q 2q 4.64q 13.2q 33.2q
Doodle Dolphin 535t 1.6q 3.7q 10.7q 21.4q
Love Lion 237t 710t 1.66q 4.75q 11.9q

Having a few of the pets listed above is sure to improve your gameplay! Some of the pets can be purchased from the Mystery Merchant or the Traveling Merchant. Other Secret rarity pets can only be hatched from certain eggs but do not show up in the list of potential pets that can be hatched when you hover over the egg.

Also remember that Shiny pets have over double the power of non-shiny pets! To increase your chances of hatching Shiny pets, make sure that you have unlocked the Shiny Relic.