The Traveling Merchant's stall in the Spawn world

Traveling Merchant Guide for Pet Simulator X

March 3, 2023

The Traveling Merchant is a NPC shop that appears at random intervals in the Spawn world, and in the Trading Plaza. It stays for 10 minutes at a time before departing, and sells 3 pets of different power levels. Each pet has its own quantity which is synced server-wide, so the stock may be sold out by the time you arrive.

It is often confused with the Mystery Merchant, which is a similar NPC shop, however the Mystery Merchant has much cheaper prices, appears much less frequently, and also only spawns in the Cave biome of the Spawn world.

Traveling Merchant Locations

There are only two possible spawn locations for the Traveling Merchant. One is outside the entrance for the Pet Daycare, and the other is inside the Trading Plaza.

Whenever the Traveling Merchant appears, a message is broadcast to the server stating that the "Traveling Merchant has arrived". After the 10 minutes are up, another message is broadcast which says that the "Traveling Merchant has departed".

How to Purchase Pets from the Traveling Merchant

Pets can be purchased from the Traveling Merchant with Gems, and the price of pets is random and changes each time the merchant appears.

There are 3 "Respect" levels for the Traveling Merchant, and you can level up by purchasing more pets. Each level of Respect that you reach, unlocks a new pet that you can purchase, from left to right.

In-game UI for the Traveling Merchant shop

The pets that the Traveling Merchant sells are updated with every game expansion update, so they always remain quite strong for the current state of the game. However, they are sometimes more expensive than what you can find for sale at the Trading Plaza, and are also much more expensive than what the Mystery Merchant sells.