Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the answers to our most frequently asked questions. If you can't find the answer you are looking for here, feel free to contact us.

We use a combination of bots and actual players to constantly observe transactions happening in Pet Simulator X. This includes sales in the trading plaza, auctions, private trades, and listings on 3rd party trading websites.

There are safety checks in place to make sure that the values can not be manipulated.

We only include pets of somewhat significant value in the database. All pets that are valued under 10,000,000 (10M) Gems are excluded to save on resources. If you believe a pet of significant value is missing from the database, please contact us via email or discord and let us know!

That depends on how frequently the pets are being bought, sold, or traded for. For popular pets, the values may be updated serveral times a day. For less popular pets, the value may be updated every few days.

This is because we need to collect enough data to make sure that we are correctly valuing pets. A pet that has more frequent transactions means it is easier to update the value of it.

Demand is an indicator of how many players are currently looking to buy or trade for the pet, egg, or gift. Pets with high demand tend to sell quicker, and get more trade offers.

Trend is an indicator of what we expect to happen to the price of the pet, egg, or gift.

For example, a newly released pet may have a high value initially, but we expect it to decrease in value over time as more and more copies are hatched by players.

Another example could be a really old pet that is no longer acquirable. Assuming that the pet is in high demand, as players who own the pet quit the game or get banned, the number of copies that are circulating decreases. If players want to have the pet but there are not many players trading or selling it, the price is driven higher over time.

There are three main issues with RAP.

The first issue is that the RAP of a pet can easily be manipulated by anyone. Two friends can keep purchasing the same pet from eachother for a very high amount of Gems in order to drive the RAP higher. They can also keep purchasing the same pet from eachother for 1 Gem in order to drive the price down. Currently there is no way to detect if there was any manipulation, so you can easily get tricked into selling your pets at incorrect prices.

The second issue is that RAP only takes into account sales at Auctions, and does not include Trading Booth sales, and direct Player to Player trades. Pets sold at Auction are sold for much less than if they were sold at a Trading Booth. Auctions are only server-wide and not global, so the sale price is only what someone currently in the trading server is willing to pay.

The third issue is that rare pets do not sell very often at Auctions, so there is not enough data to assign them a RAP accurately. A perfect example of this is the Titanic Jolly Cat. It's RAP was only 500B, when it was constantly getting sold and traded for many trillions of Gems. This is because it is so rare that it rarely sold at Auctions, making the RAP inaccurate.

Using a values list such as PSX Database helps eliminate these risks.