Huge Pink Marshmellow Chick

Demand: High
Trend: Stable Icon for the Huge Pink Marshmellow Chick pet in Pet Simulator X

Gem Values

We are still determining the value of this pet! Please check back later.

Pet Information

The value of the Huge Pink Marshmellow Chick is currently undetermined. It is an Exclusive rarity pet in Pet Simulator X.

It could be obtained by entering a code included with a purchase of the Chick Plush from the Big Games official website. It was sold for $50 USD on March 19, 2023.

There is currently high demand for the Huge Pink Marshmellow Chick. That means there are lots of players trying to trade or purchase this pet!

According to our research, the value of this pet is currently stable, so the price not expected to change much.