Huge Machine building with sign next to it that says make HUGE pets

How to use the Huge Machine in Pet Simulator X?

March 3, 2023

The Huge Machine, also known as the Huge-A-Tron is a machine located in the Spawn World and in the Trading Plaza. It gives players the ability to combine Exclusive pets into Huge pets.

Huge Machine Requirements

The Huge Machine costs 10,000,000 Gems (10M) to unlock. Once it is unlocked, it can be accessed any time from the Spawn World and from the Trading Plaza.

Using the Huge Machine

Walk up to the circle in front of the Machine to open up the UI. In-game UI of the Huge Machine showing pets that can be combined

Different Exclusive pets are worth a different amount of points. There are some exceptions (such as older, rare pets), but usually Exclusive pets with the "Companion III" enchantment are worth 3 points, pets with "Companion II" are worth 2 points, and pets with "Companion I" are worth 1 point.

Golden, Rainbow, and Shiny pets are also worth extra points.

  • Golden Pets: +1 additional point
  • Rainbow Pets: +2 additional points
  • Shiny Pets: +3 additional points

Left click to select which pets you wish to sacrifice in the machine. The more pets you sacrifice, the cheaper it becomes to use the machine.

  • 50 points: 800 Robux
  • 75 points: 300 Robux
  • 100 points: Free

Huge Machine Rewards

After successfully using the Huge Machine, you will be rewarded with a Huge Machine Egg. The Huge Machine Eggs are special eggs that are guaranteed to hatch a Huge pet. There are different Huge pets inside with different chances of hatching.

The current reward is the Huge Machine Egg 1 which contains the Huge Pterodactyl, Huge King Cobra, Huge Orca, Huge Chameleon, and the Huge Angelus.