Purple Hardcore Mode entrance building

How to Enter Hardcore Mode in Pet Simulator X?

Feb 17, 2023

Hardcore Mode is a special game mode in Pet Simulator X which is a copy of the normal game world with added difficulty, new areas, and special perks. Similar to the Trading Plaza, it is a separate instance of the game, however all your pets and character information will carry over. Your Normal Mode pets will do significantly less damage in Hardcore, so you will need to either purchase Hardcore mode pets from other players, or start the game from the beginning and hatch new Hardcore pets.

Hardcore Mode Entry Requirements

In order to gain permission to enter Hardcore Mode, you must reach at least 25% completion of the masteries in the game, and have The Void world unlocked in Normal Mode.

Hardcore Mode Location

The entrance to Hardcore Mode is located in The Void area. In the teleport UI, The Void is the fourth world. After arriving at The Void, look for a big purple building on the right hand side with a sign next to it that says "Hardcode Mode". Purple building with entrance to Hardcore Mode Simple walk up to the glowing open door of the building and interact with it to enter. It will teleport you to a new game instance. Have fun!